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Shelley Hyndman
Guest Speaker
Eldridge Hyndman
Guest Speaker

2019 ECK Regional Seminar Guest Speakers

Shelley Hyndman
Shelley Hyndman is a member of the ECK Clergy. She has been a member of ECKANKAR for more than 33 years and has presented workshops and talks at ECKANKAR seminars around the world. In her youth, she was a member of the International ECK Youth Council and an editor of the youth publication, Letter of Light. More recently, she served for four years as the Regional ECK Spiritual Aide for the province of Ontario, in Canada.

Shelley recently moved to Minnesota with her husband and two children, and works at the ECKANKAR Spiritual Center as Manager of Youth & Family Services and Seminar Services. She gets immense joy from sharing the wonderful spiritual tools and truths she has learned through the teachings of ECK, which can help anyone live a spiritually rich life, filled with divine love.

Eldridge Hyndman
Eldridge Hyndman has been a member of ECKANKAR for over 25 years and has presented workshops and talks around the world for local and international ECK seminars. He is a member of the ECK Clergy,a husband and father of two, a writer, and works in the fitness industry. He lives with his family in Minnesota, where he loves sharing the gift of the HU and inspiring all those he meets to seek the highest.


Harold Klemp
The Mahanta, the
Living ECK Master
The Spiritual Leader of ECKANKAR

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Wisdom from a true spiritual Master on:


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Past Lives
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Soul Travel
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Conquering Fear

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Health and Healing
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