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Every Sunday of each month, people from all walks of life gather to celebrate a life lived in harmony with Divine Spirit. Dynamic speakers and original creative arts demonstrate the gifts to be found through daily practice of the spiritual principles taught in Eckankar.

You are invited to come and experience spiritual growth and fellowship, as you explore what could be your next spiritual step.

Programme of Activities on Sundays
Satsang Classes ( 2nd. And 3rd. Sunday) 8.00 am - 9.15 am
Book Discussion Classes 8.00 am - 9.15 am
Book Discussion Classes for Visitors (Seekers) 8.00 am - 9.15 am
Workshops & Members Meetings 8.00 am - 9.15 am
ECK Consecration & ECK Rite of Passage Ceremonies 8.00 am - 9.15 am
HU Song: 9.30 am - 9.50 am

ECK Worship Service begins at 10.00am prompt and ends at 11.30am at all Local ECK Centres except at Tema where it begins at 9.15am and ends at 10.45 am.

ECK Worship Service Reading: October - December 2016

Next four (4) Readings

Date:October 02, 2016
Book:A Modern Prophet Answers your Key Questions about Life
Author:Harold Klemp
Reading:A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions About Lif, Chpt 11 (p. 227), by Sri Harold Klemp. The Mahanta, The Living ECK Master. Spiritual Leader of Eckankar.

“… In ECK we are detached, but we are also the great lovers of life Can it be any other way for a Co-worker with God?

The path of Eckankar is only to enhance our spiritual growth. How does this unfoldment come about? Through daily duties. Yes, it is all right to set goals in business. We can set goals, work to accomplish them, and still be working in the arena of detachment. Detachment means that if our plans don’t work out as we think they should, life won’t crush us.

The path of ECK ought to bring a zest for life. Each activity contains within it the seed of a spiritual lesson. We do not make spiritual progress by doing as little as possible in life. The individual must make an honest evaluation of his talents, interests and training to decide what goals he wishes to strive for.
Date:October 09, 2016
Book:The Living Word, Book 2
Author:Harold Klemp
Reading: The Living Word Book 2, Pages 2 and 4, by Sri Harold Klemp. The Mahanta, The Living ECK Master. Spiritual Leader of Eckankar.

“HU is foremost among the ancient names for God. It is the true, universal name drawn from the Sound Current Itself, for HU is woven in the language of life. It is the Sound of all sounds. It is the wind in the leaves, falling rain, thunder of jets, singing of birds, the awful rumble of the tornado. Again Its Sound is heard in laughter, weeping, the din of city traffic, ocean waves, and the quiet rippling of a mountain stream. And yet, the word HU is not God. It is a word people anywhere can use to address the Originator of Life.

HU is a love song to God. It uplifts and purifies us of the evil that make life too much to bear. It heals our wounds, soothes our brow: sweet, but mighty, name of God.

So sing HU softly, gently. Once among the most secret names of God, the Order of Vairagi Adepts has now brought it into the world for the upliftment of all. It is for those who desire true love, true freedom, wisdom and truth.

In time, people everywhere will have the chance to sing this age-old, universal name for God. This is a new cycle in the spiritual history of the human community. It will all be due to HU”.
Date:October 16, 2016
Book:The Secret of Love-Mahanta Transcripts, Book 14
Author:Harold Klemp
Reading:The Secret of Love.Chpt 2 (p.32) by Sri Harold Klemp. The Mahanta, The Living ECK Master. Spiritual Leader of Eckankar.

“This is what the individual Soul connects with at the Second Initiation. His or her karma is taken over by the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master and given back to the individual to work off in an orderly, forward-moving manner.

Sometimes the karma works off in the dream state or in some other way. For instance, people have car accidents in the dream state instead of having to go through them out here. There are other cases where people have the accident out here, but they are miraculously saved from very severe problems. But we are not saying the teachings of ECK are a panacea for all ills. They are not. You are facing yourself. Sometimes there are more serious things that we must face – not only to pay off a past debt, also to grow spiritually.

These debts are never fed to the individual out of malice or spite, saying, ‘You did a bad thing and now you must pay.’ The Lords of Karma do that; that is under a different system. When Soul enters the path of ECK, the Lords of Karma stand to the side and the spiritual affairs of the individual Soul come under the Mahanta. You can shortcut many of the problems. The way you shortcut them is through the Spiritual Exercises of ECK.

You make a conscious effort to align yourself or put yourself in tune with Divine Spirit. And you do that by chanting a spiritual word, such as HU.

Harold Klemp
The Mahanta, the
Living ECK Master
The Spiritual Leader of ECKANKAR

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