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Every Sunday of each month, people from all walks of life gather to celebrate a life lived in harmony with Divine Spirit. Dynamic speakers and original creative arts demonstrate the gifts to be found through daily practice of the spiritual principles taught in Eckankar.

You are invited to come and experience spiritual growth and fellowship, as you explore what could be your next spiritual step.

Programme of Activities on Sundays
Satsang Classes ( 2nd. And 3rd. Sunday) 8.00 am - 9.15 am
Book Discussion Classes 8.00 am - 9.15 am
Book Discussion Classes for Visitors (Seekers) 8.00 am - 9.15 am
Workshops & Members Meetings 8.00 am - 9.15 am
ECK Consecration & ECK Rite of Passage Ceremonies 8.00 am - 9.15 am
HU Song: 9.30 am - 9.50 am

ECK Worship Service begins at 10.00am prompt and ends at 11.30am at all Local ECK Centres except at Tema where it begins at 9.15am and ends at 10.45 am.

ECK Worship Service Reading: January - March 2015

Next four (4) Readings

Date:March 01, 2015
Book:How to Survive Spiritually in Our Times Mahanta Transcripts, Book 16
Author:Harold Klemp
Reading: How to Survive Spiritually In Our Times (Chpt ) pp198-199 By Sri Harold Klemp. The Mahanta, The Living ECK Master. Spiritual Leader of Eckankar.

Good parents discipline their children so the children grow up in their society as good citizens. Poor parents let their children do whatever they want, in the mistaken belief that this is love. It’s not love. It’s almost the reverse. Not hatred maybe, but guilt. The parent says. “I’ve had it so good. How can I make it even better for my children?” Perhaps the parent’s parents had come through the depression, they knew hardship. So when their children came along, they gave them things – material things – as much as they could.

Now the generation that grew up with so many material things asks, “What can I do for my children to show them love?”

Illusion comes onstage and says. Give them the freedom that adults have earned. So children in these misguided homes are given freedoms they haven’t earned. And people wonder why there is so much crime. Look in the home. Look at how the parents raise their children.

It hurts to look at ourselves in the light of truth. We don’t like to hear the truth. People become very angry. Even good ECKists say, “That is not true. We are giving our children spiritual freedom”.

Actually, the parents are shirking their spiritual responsibility to their children. But it takes a mature Soul to know that.
Date:March 08, 2015
Book:Our Spiritual Wake-Up Calls Mahanta Transcripts, Book 15
Author:Harold Klemp
Reading:Our Spiritual Wake-Up Calls p74-83, by Sri Harold Klemp. The Mahanta, The Living ECK Master. Spiritual Leader of Eckankar.

“I put together five points to help you master your spiritual destiny-just five points that may help.

Point number one: Forget the past, and learn the spiritual lessons of today.

Here’s the second point about how you can learn to master your spiritual destiny: Look for a new way to solve a stubborn problem. It sounds like the same thing, but it’s a little different. It’s adding another dimension.”

Point number three: whatever you undertake, do it to the best of your ability.

Point number four: Being different can make you an outcast or a leader. Sometime you need to make a choice. In other words, sometime you’re going to have to decide whether you’re going to be an outcast or a leader.
Date:March 15, 2015
Book:The Art of Spiritual Dreaming
Author:Harold Klemp
Reading:The Art of spiritual Dreaming p.81by Sri Harold Klemp. The Mahanta, The Living ECK Master. Spiritual Leader of Eckankar.

“In each incarnation we pick up tools-we learn a particular lesson or develop a certain skill. But the problem is this: As we go into succeeding lifetimes, we forget what we have learned before.

If we only knew how to tap into our total experience as Soul, we could look to the past and draw upon a tool once mastered but now forgotten. We could bring that tool into this lifetime and use it to solve a problem that is holding us back on the spiritual path, a problem that is preventing us from going to the next level.

If you run into a block that keeps you from getting to the next level, you can go back; pick up the tool, talent, or lesson from a previous lifetime; and bring it into the present. You can then use it to help you walk the spiritual path to God today.”
Date:March 22, 2015
Book:Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad (The Way of Eternal) Combined Edition
Author:Paul Twitchell
Reading:The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Holy Book of Eckankar, Book One and Two pp.130-131.

“The Mahanta will never impose his own will upon any of his chelas. It is a cardinal principle that the Living ECK Master never interferes with the freedom of his followers. He is very careful of this for he seldom gives a command, merely advises, and never attempts to dominate the intelligence of others.

Complete surrender means that out of perfect confidence and great love, the chela will gladly follow where the Living ECK Master leads him. By giving himself up to the Living ECK Master, in this sense, the chela gains everything, which ends in perfect liberty in the spiritual worlds. Yaubl Sacabi stated, “Give the ECK Master all that you have, and he will give you all he possesses.”

Harold Klemp
The Mahanta, the
Living ECK Master
The Spiritual Leader of ECKANKAR

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