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Every Sunday of each month, people from all walks of life gather to celebrate a life lived in harmony with Divine Spirit. Dynamic speakers and original creative arts demonstrate the gifts to be found through daily practice of the spiritual principles taught in Eckankar.

You are invited to come and experience spiritual growth and fellowship, as you explore what could be your next spiritual step.

Programme of Activities on Sundays
Satsang Classes ( 2nd. And 3rd. Sunday) 8.00 am - 9.15 am
Book Discussion Classes 8.00 am - 9.15 am
Book Discussion Classes for Visitors (Seekers) 8.00 am - 9.15 am
Workshops & Members Meetings 8.00 am - 9.15 am
ECK Consecration & ECK Rite of Passage Ceremonies 8.00 am - 9.15 am
HU Song: 9.30 am - 9.50 am

ECK Worship Service begins at 10.00am prompt and ends at 11.30am at all Local ECK Centres except at Tema where it begins at 9.15am and ends at 10.45 am.

ECK Worship Service Reading: April - June 2015

Next four (4) Readings

Date:September 06, 2015
Book:The Living Word, Book 2
Author:Harold Klemp
Reading:The Living Word Bk2 Chp15 pp87-88 By Sri Harold Klemp. The Mahanta, The Living ECK Master. Spiritual Leader of Eckankar.

“… Very often the ECK, the Holy Spirit, furnishes new turning points in your life. “A turning point is life’s way of giving you a chance to move ahead spiritually, though you must reach for the gift yourself. The path of ECK is all about the gift of turning points. The breath and love of God empower it, a path to help all who would reach the Kingdom of God in this lifetime.

“Dolores loves the ECK, finding it easy to keep her attention on God and the goal of spiritual freedom. “One day as she was busy around the house, the doorbell rang – unusual, because it seldom worked. She ran, tripped, and stumbled her way to the door. Outside stood two young women with Bibles.

“‘We came to read the Bible to you,’ one said.

“Dolores started to shut the door. But as she did, her temper began to flare: What right did these two Bible readers have intruding upon her privacy? Then her self-control snapped. She slammed the door so hard it actually shook the house. “Ashamed of her behaviour, she began to wonder whether the Master would have been so rude as to slam the door on the two young missionaries. What had they done to her?

“That experience was a turning point for Dolores, for it gave her a new insight into herself. She was the problem. After the incident, Dolores began to realize that she had hurt the feelings of the young women, who were only trying to make their way to spiritual freedom too. “To get spiritual freedom, one must first give it.”

“Since that day, she is polite to people of other faiths who unexpectedly appear at her home or call on the telephone. She now speaks with more love and kindness.”
Date:September 13, 2015
Book:Those Wonderful ECK Masters
Author:Harold Klemp
Reading:Those Wonderful ECK Masters,Chp12 p 256 by Sri Harold Klemp. The Mahanta, The Living ECK Master. Spiritual Leader of Eckankar.

“It’s the privilege of every ECK Master to open a seeker’s eyes to the eternal being he is, of the same substance as the Divine Spirit. I reach out to everyone who wishes to become a master of the laws of life, which will help him attain God Consciousness while still on earth. The individual enjoys a special relationship with Sugmad, his maker. He fully understands, then, how he is fashioned in the image of God. He also comes to know what this means by entering a new life of a once unimaginable love as he continues to walk among earth’s sleeping and love-starved throngs.

So when someone begins to earnestly ask, What is love?—he’s then ready to learn about the Light and Sound of God.”
Date:September 20, 2015
Book:The Spiritual Laws of Life
Author:Harold Klemp
Reading:The Spiritual Laws of Life:’Strength’ pp55-56 by Sri Harold Klemp. The Mahanta, The Living ECK Master. Spiritual Leader of Eckankar.

“The connection between the inner and outer teachings is that Soul is strengthened and emboldened by the rigors of trials on the physical level that try to shake It loose from the Tree of Life.

“Suffering could build strength, but only if a person acknowledges his or her responsibility for whatever went wrong.

Sometimes you can’t. Sometimes what goes wrong in this life is caused by something you did in your last lifetime. If you don’t remember, you’re not able to connect cause and effect. …

How do you know when you’re getting stronger? Other people can often tell better than you, yourself. A humble person wouldn’t even put attention on that because it’s inside yourself. The only way you really know if you’re stronger is if you go through a time of hardship and you get through it somehow by listening. You trust something inside yourself-the strength you have gained to this point.”

“Every knockdown in life is teaching you to be stronger, to stand more sturdily. Each hardship and trial is actually there as a gift from God, to make you stronger. If people understood this, they wouldn’t complain so much.
Date:September 27, 2015
Book:Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad (The Way of Eternal) Combined Edition
Author:Paul Twitchell
Reading:The Shariyat-ki-Sugmad (The Holy Book of Eckankar) BK1&2: Bk1 Chp11 p209, Bk2 Chpt2 p257.

“No problem is given man which is greater than himself. Each being is tested according to his capacity; none are tested beyond it. Each problem which man encounters has a spiritual solution and each person has his troubles at the point where he is most negative and vulnerable.”

Man must not think that if he asks the Mahanta’s help whilst facing a serious problem that the Sugmad will remove it to suit man’s desires. It works in a different way; the problem itself may remain, but man’s approach to it, his understanding of it, will change as a result of his petition. Whereas it may seem a very difficult, even insurmountable battle to face, man will be given the help needed in resolving it.

Harold Klemp
The Mahanta, the
Living ECK Master
The Spiritual Leader of ECKANKAR

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